👋 Hi there! Welcome - We are Voltron Studio, an end-to-end software development consultancy. We're a tight-knit team of passionate software engineers looking to change the way businesses design, architect, build, and release products using modern web based technologies.


☄️ A bit of background

Co-founders David Vuong and Dennis Tang started Voltron Studio in 2020 with the mindset that we can change the way businesses in healthcare think about and adopt modern technology practices. Technology in healthcare has traditionally been slow, cumbersome to work with, antiquated, and riddled with vendor lock-in. We believe we can change that.

Since then we've worked and collaborated with clinics and expert practitioners to build standalone and integrated products that solve real world problems. We've also built our own suite of products to solve a few problems we found along the way.

🌟 Open positions

Voltron Studio is now moving into our next stage of growth and expanding into other industries: e-commerce and FinTech. We're looking for more Voltronites 🤭 to join the team and ride the wave 🌊 with us.

We're excited 🤩 you are here reading this and considering working with us! All of our positions are based in Sydney, Australia.

Software Engineer - Perm

Software Engineer - Contract

DevOps Engineer - Perm

DevOps Engineer - Contract

🚀 Our values

Strong opinions, weakly held

Strong opinions because we're a group of experienced engineers, having built products and design systems in countless industries with decades of collective experience. Weakly held because we have a zero-ego attitude. We're hungry to learn and being open minded to different approaches is the only way to grow.

Be different

We're not your run of the mill software development consultancy... Voltron Studio is founded by engineers and run by engineers. We're technology focused and we deeply care about the quality of the product through and through from beautiful interfaces to quality code.

We're not salesmen and we're not recruiters. We're engineers. We don't look at your CV and tick boxes. We believe good engineers can pick up any technology thrown at them. If you're a quick learner and a good human being then you'll fit right in.